5 Tips to Save Money on Newspaper Subscription!

Newspapers are an important part of people’s mornings. Many people like to start their day with a coffee and a newspaper. It is a quick way to get the latest news happening around the world. There are many newspapers to choose from, like the New York Times, The Financial Times, and Wall Street Journal.

However, with time the prices of the newspaper have increased, and thus it has lowered the subscription of the newspapers to a great extent. So, if you are on a tight budget and trying to save money on Wall Street Journal Print Only Subscriptionyou are in the right place.

Here are some of the tips to save money on newspaper subscriptions so that you can enjoy the daily dose of news happenings. 

  • Negotiate with the Publisher: 

You can always ask the publisher of your favorite newspaper. Also, if your Wall Street Journal Print Subscription is for a year or more, you will be charged less on the subscription. If you are a newspaper addict who loves to grab the newspaper first thing in the morning, you should always subscribe to an annual subscription as they are much more reasonable.

One of the benefits of asking the publisher is making them aware that you like the newspaper and want to be associated with it. You can also negotiate the price by calling the subscription office. If you are a loyal customer, there is a huge chance that they will provide you with a discount or a voucher.

  • Change the Subscription 

If you read a weekly newspaper, why pay for a daily newspaper. It is going straight to the dustbin, after all. So, save money by changing the subscription of the frequency of the newspaper, this way, you will have to pay a lesser amount for a subscription.

  • Daily Deal Websites

You can look at daily deal websites like Amazon App of the Day to find out the latest deals of the day. Sometimes, these daily deals websites offer up to 90% off on the yearly subscription. So, if you find any such offer on daily deals, grab it quickly before it is too late.

  • Go Online

In this digital era, you can get all the services online, and so does the newspaper subscription. You can buy the newspaper as well as magazine subscriptions online. ‘Magazine on Sale’ is one such online platform dedicated to providing print and digital subscriptions to all genres of magazines and newspapers.

The best part is that it offers 60% off on all its subscription prices. So, here you can save a lot of money and enjoy reading news at a very low price.

  • Share with Neighbor 

You can share the newspaper with neighbors and split the subscription price. This way, you can enjoy the Wall Street Journal Print Subscription Deals


A daily dose of news is important but not at a high price. Avoid paying extra money when you can avail of the newspaper at a discounted price at ‘Magazine on Sale.’