Here is how to save money on magazine subscriptions

People love to read magazines. It is a great pass time for people. However, the rates of magazines are increasing day by day. Sometimes the demand for your favorite magazine is so high that by the time you reach the news stand, they are all sold out. The subscription price is also increasing.

However, not anymore! There are so many tricks with which you can save money on magazine subscriptions. Continue reading to find out how?

  • Negotiation always works
  • Many industries lure you in with a low introductory rate, and then raise the rate once it’s time to renew. Magazine subscriptions are the same way. The renewal rate is likely to be much more expensive than what you originally paid.

    Want to hang on to that low introductory rate? Call them and ask and most likely they will say yes. Keeping you at that introductory rate is still preferable than losing your business completely.

    Also, when you first subscribe see if you can sign up for a two-year subscription. That way you can hang on to that low introductory rate for two years instead of one.

  • Check out discounted Magazine sites
  • In this digital era, you can get all the services online, and so does the newspaper subscription. You can buy the newspaper as well as magazine subscriptions online. ‘Magazine on Sale’ is the best Magazine Subscription Website platform dedicated to providing print and digital subscriptions to all genres of magazines.

    The best part is that it offers 60% off on all its subscription prices. So, here you can save a lot of money and enjoy reading magazines at a very low price.

  • Keep Changing the subscription plans 
  • Subscription rate as well as prices of magazines keeps changing. After a while, the magazine is straight to the dustbin, after all. So, save money by changing the subscription of the frequency of the newspaper, this way, you will have to pay a lesser amount for a subscription.

  • Get discount through deals & offers
  • You can look at daily deal websites like Amazon App of the Day to find out the latest deals of the day. Sometimes, these daily deals websites offer up to 90% off on the yearly subscription. So, if you find any such offer on online magazine sales, grab it quickly before it is too late.

  • Write them off your Taxes
  • No, we’re not telling you to use your subscription to Us Weekly as a tax write off. It’s unlikely the IRS will let you claim that one. But you may be able to write off a subscription to a trade publication or academic journal as a business expense. Check with your accountant when tax time comes around.


     It is important to get a daily dose of hot gossip from magazines. However, why should you purchase it for an expensive rate, when you can enjoy so many discounts? Well, use the above mentioned tips and save your money. Be smart and use ‘Magazine on sales’ for best offers.