Benefits of Subscribing to Wall Street Journal Digital

A lot has been happening worldwide, and with so many different news outlets out there, you may never know the facts. If you want to know about the real news, the world’s business leaders, and political party dramas, then ‘Wall Street Journal’ is for you. 

It is one of the most read newspapers in the USA, with 4.3 million print and 67.5 million wall street journal digital audiences. 

Once you get the online subscription to Wall Street Journal, you will have full access to real journalism and news updates around the world. Wall Street Journal is mainly a business and finance-based newspaper and provides news on US politics, technology, sports, and lifestyle. 

By subscribing to the digital version of Wall Street Journal, you will be playing an important role in supporting the US trusted and honest journalism. Here are the benefits of subscribing to the digital version of WSJ.

  • Stay Updated with the actual happenings  

  • Wall Street Journal is the mirror of the society that provides regular updates behind the scenes in US politics, finance, and business. Once you subscribe to the digital version of WSJ, you will have unlimited access to the right kind of Journalism. You'll be able to view the investigative and in-depth news. News will be updated throughout the day, and thus you will be aware of the happenings around the states.

    • You can carry News everywhere with you.

    One of the best parts about subscribing to the WSJ digital version is carrying it everywhere with you. After the subscription, the digital newspaper is mailed to you every day. It is stored in your mobile or app. You can fetch it with just one click while sipping a coffee in a café, sitting in a park, or traveling.

    • Personalize the News Alerts

    Not only is the news updated constantly, but you can also create news alerts based on your interests regarding the news. Like if you want weather news alerts, breaking news alerts, or business news alerts. All you have to do is enable the alerts of the news beat you are interested in.

    • The Digital Edition is just a Copy of the Print Version. 

    WSJ digital deal is a copy of the print edition when you open it on your desktop. The stories, ads, and pictures are just as in the printed version. Readers can use their subscription log-in information to access current and back issues.

    • Digital Version is more fun.

    Another amazing fact about the digital version of WSJ is that it is not just limited to great writing. All the stories, photos, and ads displayed in the digital version are similar to the print edition. Subscribers can use their login information to get all the news.


    So, now you can see that there are so many benefits of subscribing to the wall street journal digital version. ‘Magazine on sales’ is offering a massive discount of up to 70% on the newspaper’s digital edition annual subscription. Get your WSJ today.