Stay in the fast lane with Autoweek Magazine

No matter your age, every time you look at a beautiful sports car or a vintage car, your eyes shine bright like a diamond. You get restless and start looking here and there whenever you hear the symphony of a loud vehicle. The walls of your room are filled with car posters, and the boxes in your room are full of magazines. Yes, you love automobiles, and Autoweek Magazine is your first love.

We've come a long way from looking at pictures as a child to learning new things about upcoming cars as we grow older. However, one thing that stayed the same was our excitement when we saw the latest issues of the automotive magazines. The beautiful running shots of the cars, detailed fancy descriptions by the writers, and the glimpse of next week's issue- this takes us back in time.

Let's take a look at the history of one of the best-selling automotive magazines across the globe.

Autoweek Magazine - The speedy journey to popularity

First published in 1958 as a bi-weekly motorsports newsletter, Autoweek was earlier titled Competition Press. The magazine was genuinely dedicated to the automotive industry as one of the magazine's editors was professional racer Denise McCLuggage.

In 1964, the publication changed the name to Competition Press and Autoweek as it began its weekly distribution. Along with this, the editors also added vehicle reviews and industry news. The name was shortened to Autoweek in 1975, and in 1977, it was purchased by Crain Communications Inc. and became a magazine.

Autoweek aimed to give car and racing enthusiasts information as it was not accessible through other outlets. The magazine covered information about all the races, whether big or small. However, people gained access to television and cable from the 1970s, which forced Autoweek to shift its focus to automotive enthusiasts.

However, with the growing competition in the industry and the introduction of the internet, Crain Communications ended the print magazine after a 61-year long run. The magazine was still available as online articles, email newsletters, and podcasts, but the physical printing ended. Crain Communications handed over the magazine to Hearst Media in 2019, who kept the staff in and continued with the website.

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