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The first newspaper was published in 1690, and it had three printed pages and one blank page. Richard Pierce published it, and it was called Publick Occurrences. However, it was short-lived four days later, and the government stopped its publishing.

Fast-forward it to the 21st century, and now we have over 18,000 newspapers worldwide that are published every day, and some are published weekly. There are millions of copies sold every day to people by these publishers. Some newspapers contain the news about daily happenings around the world. Some newspapers are dedicated to the fashion industry or the business industry, and so on.

For many decades, newspapers have been the source of information to people. However, things have changed ever since the digital era came into play and we were introduced to the internet and smartphones. People have all the information from any corner of the world in their pockets. Not only newspapers, but people have also started reading magazines online to save time and space.

However, a few people still believe in saving the tradition and reading from the paperbacks of the newspapers and magazines. There is just something special about holding those aligned newspapers and flipping through pages as you sip tea or travel in the subway. Many business people still read newspapers and magazines to keep themselves updated.

Wall Street Journal Print Edition Online- Best in business

Ranked 4th in the list of top 10 newspapers globally, The Wall Street Journal is an American newspaper that specializes in business news and stocks. The newspaper began its printing in 1889 in New York City.

With a circulation of more than 2 million copies globally, the Wall Street Journal is one of the best business newspapers out there. The Wall Street Journal has all the latest updates regarding the business world, from a big business deal to companies closing shop.

If you're an investor, you need this newspaper by your side. The newspaper has a whole portion dedicated to the stock market. The newspaper also has high-end real estate listings for those willing to relocate to a bigger house for a better luxurious lifestyle. The Wall Street Journal also focuses on food, design, travel, and other aspects of the world.

With the expansion of the reader base, the newspaper launched its website to make them more accessible. The newspaper is available online, and slowly, they expanded to the world of magazines. WSJ, the Wall Street Journal's luxury magazine division, covers the world of art, fashion, entertainment, design, architecture, and more.

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