Weekly dose of entertainment with US Weekly magazine subscription

Are you bored at home, and you want to get the buzz of the entertainment industry? If you love to gossip and follow the entertainment industry like your religion, then the US Weekly magazine subscription is the perfect magazine for you. You'll be updated with the latest news every week with the weekly subscription of the magazine.

Despite several celebrity and entertainment magazines available in the market, few have been the best-sellers for years now. US Weekly magazine is one of those best-sellers that has been providing people with daily entertainment industry updates for the past 45 years.

From celebrity relationships to the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and entertainment- US Weekly magazine has been offering this since 1977. Initially founded by The New York Times Company, US Weekly was bought by Wenner Media in 1986, and in 2017, it was sold to American Media Inc. The magazine launched its website in 2006, and it has all the celebrity news blogs, red carpet photo galleries, exclusive paparazzi photos, quizzes, polls, and many more things.

US Weekly magazine is known for its signature issues each year, including exclusive sections and cover pictures for the magazine. The magazine has special Hot Hollywood issues, spring and fall issues celebrating young Hollywood actors and actresses. Over the years, the US Weekly magazine has also released Best Bodies and Bet Makeovers issues. In contrast, Janet Jackson's June 2006 issue still holds the record of the most significant selling issues in history.

US Weekly launched as a monthly industry news and reviews magazine working along the Premiere or Entertainment Weekly lines. It was the concept of the magazine till 2000. Later, it became a celebrity news and style magazine. The paid circulation sells over 1.95 million copies every week, and the magazine has a total readers count of more than 60 million people across the world.


The US Weekly magazine subscription benefits

Suppose you wish to get the daily dose of entertainment or stay updated with the latest fashion and beauty industry trends. With a US Weekly magazine subscription, you will always be a step ahead of your friends and family with the entertainment industry news.

US Weekly also has its section of Hot Hollywood, where they host podcasts with celebrities regarding their life and other trending news around them. The platform also has its website TV news service that updates people before it is published in the weekly magazine. On many occasions, several celebrities and other influential people were found reading US Weekly. They have also mentioned the magazine in several interviews, saying that they appreciate the content and the work the magazine is doing.

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