What Do Readers Prefer: Print or Digital Magazines?

We've been debating the merits of print vs. digital for years. The pendulum swings back and forth as we throw the two types of publishing against one another in an endless debate about "which is better?"

But what if we told you that these two approaches were partners rather than foes?

There are many different points of view on the internet on the differences between print and digital Barron’s magazine subscription, as well as whether this debate is really genuine. Print, according to some, is on its way out. We'll pretend it found a business partner to help it grow.

Discover why as we delve into this popular topic and uncover the benefits of adopting digital magazines to supplement print publications or start a magazine from the ground up.

The Battle of Print vs. Digital

A-ha! Print has to be the winner! Right?


This misconception has led to numerous newspapers missing out on critical opportunities to grow–or even save–their businesses. Consider that for a moment. When you divide 27 percent by 1,083 people, you get around 293 persons.

That's 293 potential readers who aren't reading print publications. So, what if print publishers took use of this opportunity? With the stroke of a button, they could send digital editions of their magazine to subscribers.

There are no printing fees. There are no shipping fees. Simply profit to be piled on top of current print subscribers. Offering a reduced digital-only membership also allows you to attract new readers who would otherwise be unwilling to pay full price for a print subscription.

Advantages of Print Magazines

Print isn't going away anytime soon. Many people still prefer a physical newspaper when it comes to reading articles and features. Many readers are enthralled by the experience of holding a magazine, flicking over the pages, and inhaling the delicate scent of ink on paper.

While the internet is a fantastic resource that many people utilize to keep up with the latest news and clickbait or specialized topics, paper magazines are seen as more leisurely forms.

Digital Magazines' Ease of Use

Barron’s magazine subscription is easy to create and access and they provide many capabilities that print publications do not.

Creating a digital version of a print newspaper may be a simple three-step procedure if you already have one. One that costs a fraction of what a print magazine does to publish and deliver.

It's also simple to use for your readers. When you're ready, send the issue by email in a format that can be seen on any digital device. If your digital magazine is well-designed, your readers will have no issue reading it whether they're on their computer or scrolling through their phone.

They may also take it with them wherever they go. There's no need to make place in your suitcase for it or be concerned about losing it. It's on your digital device, so you can carry it with you everywhere you go.