Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a purchase online?

Click here on step by step guide on how to make your purchase.

What is a "third party distributor"?

Magazines On Sale is third party distributor of all our subscriptions. This means that we purchase the subscriptions at a bulk for a discount and pass the savings on to our customers (think of us like Costco for subscriptions).

We are not directly affiliated with the subscriptions that we sell. If you have questions please visit our contact us page.

When will my subscription start after I purchase it?

Immediately after purchasing we will send you an email detailing exactly when your subscription will start. Typically digital subscriptions take 24-48 hours before you can begin and print subscriptions take 1-2 weeks before you can begin.

Can you cancel my my existing subscription for me when I renew with you?

Because we are not directly connected with the subscriptions we sell, we cannot cancel your subscription for you. Please be sure to cancel you existing subscription after renewing with us.

How do I log into my digital subscription?

After making a purchase you will receive information regarding your login credentials. Please check the email you used to make the purchase from us


For any additional questions, please submit a "Contact Us" form.