Golfweek Magazine [1-Year 14 Issues]
Golfweek Magazine [1-Year 14 Issues]
Golfweek Magazine [1-Year 14 Issues]

Golfweek Magazine [1-Year 14 Issues]

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  • Each of Golfweek's 38 annual issues delivers award-winning writing, expert commentary, and timely comprehensive coverage of all things golf.
  • Golfweek is known well for providing coverage of professional golf competitions.
  • Golfweek is a journal of record for competitive golf. Coverage includes; PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA & PGA European Tours; mini tours, amateur and collegiate tournaments; business and options
  • Published monthly with 2 additional special issues. Additional issues are devoted to covering some of golf's major tournaments, including the Masters, the U.S. Open, the Ryder Cup, and many more.

Golfweek is a magazine published each week that is devoted to golfing. Featured in the magazine is coverage of professional golf competitions, in-depth equipment reviews, and information about golf courses across the United States.

Each issue of Golfweek contains in-depth reviews of golfing equipment. The magazine’s experts spend hours with each club, bag, or pair of golf shoes before writing their reviews in order to ensure that readers receive the most reliable information possible.

A subscription to Golfweek makes a great gift for anyone who loves to golf!