The Economist [2-Year Digital]

The Economist [2-Year Digital]

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Get complete exclusive 2-year access to the world's leading business and political publication 'The Economist' to obtain the latest information within 24 to 48 hours.

  • This digital subscription gives you full access to ‘The Economist’ website as well as to its audio version.
  • Access to online articles published throughout the week.
  • Get full access to the issues every week to stay updated while on the move through 'The Economist' applications.
  • A range of daily and weekly newsletters, including our subscriber exclusive Espresso and Cover Story newsletters.
  • Receive the morning briefing 'The Economist Espresso' to your email inbox or smartphone, directly.
  • You never get a bill for auto-renewal.
  • 60 days Money Back Guarantee is available.
  • Gift subscriptions are available, just provide the email address of the intended at checkout.
  • ‘The Economist’ enjoy 2-year full access to a wide variety of digital content and features.

Why Choose 'The Economist'?

The Economist is an authoritative weekly magazine with a global focus on business and politics. The vision, style, and philosophy of 'The Economist' is distinct from other similar kinds of publications, covering valuable information with clarity, objective opinions, wit, and brevity.

The Economist strives for the highest ethical standards. It emphasizes the connections between politics and business globally, staying independent and unbiased. Its objective opinions, authentic insights, and economic advocacy with political freedom set them apart from competing publications. Due to these reasons, more than 6 million people across the globe daily read 'The Economist', including influential international political as well as business personalities.